- 1996 VW Passat 2.0 liter 100 Horse power

A car from a time capsule.

A car left in a garage since 1996 that worked only in the summers and remained in crisp factory condition.

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Back in 1996 my aunt wanted to come to Greece and build a summer home so she could have a vacation. Along with everything else shipped from the USA she decided to ship a car as well, she chose a VW passat 2.0 liter petrol engine that generates 100 horse power.

She only used the car every summer for the last 24 years and that resulted in it having been driven a crazy 38.000km (23600 miles), preserving it in a factory condition to the point that it still has the new car smell i remember as a kid when she shipped it here.

It has all the modern car luxuries including electric powered windows and mirrors, an electric sunroof, ABS, A/C, Cruise control, an automatic gear box, a lot of space for tall people in the front as well as in the back and it still has its original authentic Radio and cassette, YES CASSETTE player.

Since she is now too old to travel here every summer, she sold her house and the car found its way to my family with me driving it as an adult. Even if it's so old you can still see how much of a priority the cruising quality meant to VW back in the day as it does today and i could even compare it to a modern day Mercedes 200CLA or Audi A4 of the same class, the car feels like it's flying or hovering over the road and it is extremely comfortable to drive in the city as well as on the highway over long distances and trust me the trips have been long inside it, i've always thought to myself that it felt like "A ride from the 90s" when i drive it nowadays since i was used to being driven around by her as a kid back then and the riding quality hasn't changed a bit since.

A great car from a great era of automotive, mechanical and technological innovation, back when the quality of your ride was more important than the gadgets inside your cabin.

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