A car that never existed

What did you get this Christmas?

Is anyone here surprised on what they received this Christmas or was there already a wishlist in which you already knew what to expect? I bet most of us expected something related to cars and hopefully you received what you wanted.

For those fans of anime would probably be aware that the model I am showing never really existed. Oh it was based on a real car namely a Toyota Trueno but the livery originally only existed on a book based on a Japanese Manga called Initial D about Japanese street racing written and illustrated by Shuichi Shigeno. It was then turned into an anime series and was so popular that it span merchandise and actual Toyotas painted to look like this.

This Toyota Trueno AE86 is a product from Jada's Hollywood Rides series and also comes with a figurine. I got this as a Christmas gift and this thing is loaded with opening features and the casting is mostly die cast.

The lights are all separate parts.

The engine is a bit of a letdown as it consist of just Chrome.

The hatch has a separate wiper and opening feature.

You can also close the pop up lights but as you can see it is not flush and gaps do exist.

The figurine you see here is the main character named Takumi Fujiwara who developed his skills as a race car driver specializing in drifting while delivering tofu for his dad's shop.

The figurine is made of die cast as well.

I will have to say that Jada did a fine job creating this casting. Most sellers will put this at 1:24 but most likely it is going to be bigger than that. It is not the most detailed as this was probably targeted to both adults and kids alike with the price point being affordable to most parents and collectors. It does have a lot of play value as there are plenty of opening features that kids will enjoy and adult collectors would have the flexibility of photographing or displaying it with either the hood or doors opened.

image borrowed from web

image borrowed from web

If you would like to share what you received this Christmas, please leave in the comment section.

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Comments (5)

  • I actually got an Advan liveried AE86 Corolla Levin by Inno64 (1:64 scale) and a whole bunch of other goodies including a whole host of paints and hobby supplies.

      1 year ago
  • Where did you get this? I really like the build quality. Unfortunately my Christmas gift isn’t arriving until January 8th

      1 year ago
    • It's probably online as I did not buy this for myself. My daughter gave this to me when she visited us.

        1 year ago