A car with ear-pick in a dark corner

1y ago


I discovered this car the first time at the Frankfurt Motorshow 2015, in a dark corner with no light. I was wondering about this and asked the guy who was sitting near it, if I can get some light for my photo and also open wing doors. We had a little chit chat, and he told me that the inspiration for the car design was simple- they just took photos of all existing super cars onto a mood board and created their own design. Yeah, no extra words to say to that statement, maybe I expected a story behind, or at least a special inspiration source, like any designer has to tell. .. With open wing doors the car reminds me to the ear-pick of a rabbit, because the array of the doors are sticking close together.. Until now, I can't decide myself if I find Sin Cars hot or not? #spotted, #carsinfashion, #smalltribesrule, #sincars, #racingcars, #supercars, #motorshow, #carporn

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