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A challenging mystery

Edition 19: The Grand Adventures

2y ago

Last time our agents found out that JetPAt was working with Ben the whole time. Before they could anything they were captured. So far their fate is still unknown. Let us find out what has happened to our agents.

Created by: Natasha Cramer

Created by: Natasha Cramer

Our trio of agents eventually lands in a small room that is covered from bottom to top with black and white squares. "Now where are we?" asked Agent Slow. "I don't know since I can't see with Agent Orangutan on me!!," yelled Agent Hamster. Agent Orangutan got off Agent Hamster and helped him up.

"At least we can see you again," said Agent Orangutan. "That is one problem solved but the second one is getting out of here," replied Agent Hamster. Suddenly the black and white tiles started to move around making our agents very dizzy. "What is going on now?" asked Agent Slow.

The blocks formed a triangle around the agents and everything went very silent. Out of nowhere JetPat appeared. "We going to play a little game called Cat and Mice. I am sure you three have heard of it before".

The three agents looked confused. "Oh no we, not mice...ahem, but Agent Hamster is the closest, " replied Agent Orangutan, asking for a kick on the butt from Agent Hamster.

Agent Hamster gave Agent Orangutan a stern look that could kill. "Ben and I thought about that. Our solution was for you to become pixels so we could control your body molecules. While you were asleep we did our job". "Agent Slow she is speaking your language which I can't understand. What did she say?," asked Agent Orangutan.

"Down to your level of thinking we are basically a video game now," replied Agent Slow. JetPat gave an evil grin. "Let us gave some…fun". The agents suddenly felt dizzy again and their vision blurred. After a few minutes they could see again but this time they were in some sort of maze.

"Your job is to get to the middle of the maze. But there is a catch. If you are caught you will lose a life and you only have three. Instructions are over let the fun begin," said a voice. "How hard can it be?" asked Agent Orangutan.

"Don't say that!!" yelled Agent Hamster. Suddenly a massive ginger cat appeared in front of them. "Agent Orangutan this is one of the times I wish you kept your mouth shut," added Agent Slow. "Any suggestions?" asked Agent Orangutan. "Yes. RUN!!" replied Agent Slow.

To be continued

Will our agents be able to escape from Ben and JetPAt alive? Or will they perish in the attempt? What other plans do Ben and JetPat have install for our three agents? Only time will tell.

Created by: Natasha Cramer

Created by: Natasha Cramer

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