A childhood dream fulfilled.

Yes, for all car enthusiasts, these two were the ones we all love.

From the cover photo, you've already know the main characters of this article because of their unmistakable silhouettes. Yes, it's those two. The famous prancing stallion from Modena, Italy, and the mighty beast from Stuttgart, Germany.

I grew up in the '90s, sure it's a golden era for high-performance cars. As for a little boy, there's no reason not to love supercars. They're FAST, LOUD, and most important, they need to LOOK COOL. To me, the most famous of them all(though not from the '90s), definitely has to be the rivalry between these two: The fire-breathing Ferrari F40 and the super tech-advanced Porsche 959.

As years passed, to me, owning one of these in real life, only exsists in the dreams(I'll just enjoy driving them in video games after all). However, it all changed when I start collecting model cars. I realized there is an alternative way to fulfill the dream!

Thanks to some model manufacturers providing high-quality, scale-accurate examples, sure most of them not only came with a high price tag, but also in very limited numbers. As a result, they were highly sought after as well. After years of patience, I found(and obtained) the ideal examples that live up the expectations eventually, the childhood dream has finally been fulfilled!

Like lots of enthusiasts said, cars needed to be driven, not just sitting in some museum or private garage forever collecting dust. Since I developed an interest in taking photos of my model cars, by using the similar principle, the cars in my collection have lots of chances to get out of their display case and "go outside".

Back to the photos, these were taken back in August this year during a summer trip, at "Chishingtan" Scenic Area, located in Hualien county, Taiwan. Since these two were true automotive icons, they sure deserve a great background for a photoshoot as well! I arrived early in the morning, as the bright sunshine rises from the Pacific ocean, grabbed the opportunity to take some shots, and the results were promising. Here are some of which I liked, please enjoy!

Long live the legends!

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Comments (2)

  • My first two larger-scale models were a 1:24 bburago F40 and 959 too! Still have them

      1 year ago
    • I remembered I had these too, except they didn't survive the intense "crash tests" of my childhood days­čśé­čśé­čśé

        1 year ago