A Christmas Carol GT & Crazy Carpark Cappers

1y ago


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- A madman in snow

Part 1 A Christmas Carol GT is out now on Radiodrivetribe and Reach for the sky. We hope you enjoy it.

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  • I wondered how this got to the main page😄 It appears, some kind people reposted it😁 Thank you one and all for the support

    11 months ago
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  • Portland, Oregon would work for the car park idea. Portland is hard to navigate for newcomers (which means captain sense of direction would get lost). Portland also has a lot of parking garages and lots all over the city and into the surrounding areas

    1 year ago
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    • Good call Jared thank you for taking part

      1 year ago
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    • No problem. And if you ever need someone to voice a hillbilly or redneck, I am more than willing to sound as stupid as possible. Looking forward to the new radio program. I enjoyed the...

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      1 year ago
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