A class of its own. This is my 2012 Mercedes Benz E200 W212 and this is my review on it.
I’ve owned this car since about a month and a half, and I’m absolutely loving it.
Exterior styling : the W212 in my opinion is the last of the most stylish looking E class made. The latest (W213) looks more of a chauffeur driven car, a baby S class, whereas the W212 looks more stylish because of its lines and flares around the fenders. The headlights look better than the facelift W212 as each headlight is an individual unit with the bumper in the middle, thus giving it an old school yet very elegant and aggressive front end.
The engine grill looks like that of a Maybach with the three pointed star on the hood. The new Mercedes Benz cars don’t have it due to laws of different countries. The W212 preface lift and facelift look good while being chauffeur driven or without.
At first it looks big, but once you get used to it, it’s not that big.
Interior styling : the interior is a very well designed one. The dashboard has a screen in the middle above the AC vents, from which you can access the radio, CD, Bluetooth controls. The center console has two cup holders with a shutter in case the driver doesn’t want it to be seen. The front seats are big and comfortable and have 3 different memory setting for 3 different drivers and passengers. No heated seats or cooling seats atleast in the E200 which is a drawback in my opinion. No massaging seats either.
The center of the dashboard is wood finished thus giving it a premium and rich look. Under the wooden panels of the dashboard there are orange indirect lights which give the interior a very premium feel and creates a nice ambience in the car.
The cluster instrument (starting from extreme left) consists of the fuel gauge, a very nice analogue clock, the speed O meter, the rev counter and the engine temperature gauge. Lots of the cars settings can be used within the cluster such as light settings, trip settings, service intervals, air pressure monitor, etc.
The driver can also use the rear windscreen blind by a button in the center console.
The steering in this particular car is a 4 spoke steering with volume controls, calling and disconnect a call facility. the car uses a hydraulic power steering, thus making the road experience better.
Engine specifications : the E200 uses a 1.8L turbocharged, in-line 4 cylinder petrol engine that churns 186 Horsepower. It is a RWD (rear wheel drive) which gives an excellent ride quality. The transmission is a 5 speed automatic with sports mode.
There is also a switch from which you can change the car from economy mode to sports mode and vice versa. The sports mode keeps the RPM’s up and gives more power in every gear and changes the gears faster where as the economy mode keeps the RPM low and doesn’t change the gears that fast.
My particular E class is CBU from Germany and is in a rare Tansinite Blue colour with rear infotainment screens fitted from Mercedes Benz. It comes with two sets of earphones with the Mercedes Benz logo. It has HDMI slots and the passengers in the back can watch two different movies at the same time. A movie can also be watched by inserting a CD in the stereo system upfront in the dashboard and then both the passengers can watch the same movie at the same time.
My take on the W212 E200, it’s a very nice car to drive and be driven in. Long drives aren’t a problem as the car is very comfortable and fuel efficient on the freeways/highways. It’s very stable so high speeds cannot be felt. The brakes are very nice hence one can feel confident while putting their foot hard down.

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