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Sunny bank holiday weekends are a rare occurrence in the UK so when we get them, it’s worth taking advantage of them.

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Sunny bank holiday weekends are a rare occurrence in the UK so when we get them, it’s worth taking advantage of them. The Swan in Chaddesley Corbett played host to their annual classic car and motorbike show last bank holiday Monday the 28th of August.

The weather ensured a packed event with a whole host of cars parked up in the back garden of the pub. From a little MG BGT, looking fantastic in the tried and tested dark green paint with contrasting tan leather interior, to an immaculately clean Dodge Daytona.

There was a whole host of stuff to look at, but one of the more impressive stars of the show was this excellent 1959 Jaguar Mk IX. As it drove through the garden, it demanded attention from everyone and a crowd had developed around it before it had chance to park properly!

Produced between 1959 and 1961, it replaced the previous Mk VIII and looked almost identical in exterior appearance.

While looks might not have changed a great deal, the Mk IX had some big technological advantages over its earlier sibling. The 3.4 litre 190bhp engine found in the Mk VIII was replaced with a larger 3.8 litre, straight six XK engine that had two SU carburettors fitted. The result was 220bhp and 240lb/ft of torque.

To help bring this near two ton luxury saloon to a stop, Jaguar opted to fit the new mk ix with disc brakes all round. Having only just developed the braking technology on their Le Mans endurance cars, the technology was now finally ready to be fitted to its production cars and with all the added power the new engine provided, the Mk IX needed them.

The only other major change to the Mk IX was power steering and the sun roof being standard fit for the UK market. The torsion bar independent front suspension and leaf-sprung rear live axle were retained from the Mk VIII and the interior was the same plush mix of soft leather, walnut wood trim and deep pile carpet covering every inch of space.

It’s easy to see why the Mk IX attracted so much attention. They certainly don’t build them like this anymore!

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