A​ Clue into a potential Forza Motorsport Release?

N​ew information gives us a clue into when the next Forza Motorsport could release.

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J​ust recently news has been dropped on some things revolving around Forza Motorsport and i‘ll be explaining today how this could link to a potential date for the next Forza Motorsport release.

P​hoto from the colteastwood YT Channel

P​hoto from the colteastwood YT Channel

T​urn 10 and In-Game Updates

This is showing the potential release of new exclusive Xbox title‘s. But we are mainly focusing on Turn 10’s row. Turn 10 is showed as having releases for 2021, 2023 and 2025, of course only take this information with a pinch of salt, but let me know your opinions on this! Forza Motorsport is taking a turn and could more likely be doing bigger updates in the Motorsport title rather than releasing a new game every few years. This means there could be more content for a single a Forza Motorsport game, and that is something I’m definitely a fan of.

A​t this point in gaming, the games are getting nearer and nearer to peak realism, where the game can’t physically look or be any more realistic than the previous game. Even though in the announcement only 3 months ago was showed that the game is in ‘Early Development’ and was shot in engine, the use of 60/120FPS and Ray Tracing will make the game look astonishing.

W​hat I think will happen..

W​hat I’m trying to say is Forza Motorsport is most likely releasing next year, but thats not all we know. Just recently Forza Motorsport 7 was announced to release on Xbox Game Pass on October 8th. Even though there has not been a new Forza game for 2 years at this point, the Game Pass release is around the same time that a normal Forza game would be released. By using Gamepass it allows people to try out Forza Motorsport and have a taste of what it’s like, and a year seems a good amount of time for people to start getting into the Motorsport Series through Gamepass.

S​o the main message to take out of this relatively short article is potentially we could be seeing the Forza Motorsport game in only a years time, which is super exciting and is definitely worth getting hyped over.

T​he support on the recent Forza Ideas Series alphas been mad, and I thank everyone. I will be back on it soon as I have 3+ new parts planned!

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