- Lamborghini Huracan Avio with a CTS-V, CTS-V coupe, and a CTS-V wagon

A collection of my all-time-best spots.

Whether in car shows, dealerships, or on the road.

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First up is this Chevy Tru 140s I spotted at the Test Track ride in Disneyworld. It was the first concept car I had seen in person in 2016.

This one was a Shelby GT-H I spotted at a Dallas Cowboys football game in 2017, hence the stadium behind.

This one was from after a Cars & Coffee in 2017 and my dad had actually pointed it out. It was a legitimate Ferrari 250 GT SWB worth up to $11 million USD. It is my most expensive spot to this day.

This was a Nascar inside of a used car dealership driven by Ernie Irvan in the 90s that I saw in 2017.

I guess this would count as a spot, it's the last Tucker Torpedo built in the world with 0.5 miles on the odometer on display in a museum.

After a few months of the Lamborghini Centenario's release, I saw this one in San Antonio, Texas in late 2017.

Next to the Centenario was this LaFerrari as well.

A Pagani Huarya BC I saw on my trip to Newport Beach.

A few days later in the San Diego auto museum, I saw this Bizzarrini P538.

Next up is this VLF Force 1 built by Henrik Fisker off of a Viper chassis, only 1 of 50.

Chassis number 5 McLaren Senna I secretly took a picture of. Lol.

A black and orange McLaren P1 at the Circuit of the Americas.

An almost daily-driven Ariel Atom V8.

Another Shelby GT-H but a different one this time at a baseball stadium.

The first McLaren P1 GTR which is also road legal. Went to this museum with my buddy Michael Rojas.

Next to it was a black Porsche Carrera GT.

The only Lexus LFA I have seen that I saw at the Circuit of the Americas.

A Maybach 62S that was getting serviced at the local Mercedes dealership.

The first Dodge Demon I saw after eating dinner last year.

An imported TVR S3 I saw downtown that was pretty cool.

'The love bug' stunt Beetle at a local VW car show.

Back at the museum again, this time with 2 Porsche 911 Exclusive Series.

A BMW M1 from my trip to Tustin, California (peep the Dino GTS next to it)

A Ferrari in the museum from my trip to California last year.

Also in the museum, a Ferrari FX that was the only one to come out of the royal garage in UAE.

Right across from the FX was a Cizeta Moroder V16T.

Over to the right of the Cizeta was a 1 of 6 Jaguar XJ220S TWR.

A Bugatti Chiron that was at the Newport Beach Lamborghini place.

To the far left of the Chiron was a Vanquish Zagato Convertible.

In La Jolla, CA was this 6x6 AMG with a Brabus kit.

The 2nd Senna I've ever seen, in California at the McLaren dealer.

A McLaren Senna GTR at the Lonestar LeMans race but unfortunately didn't go on the track.

The first Senna I saw with triple exhaust pipes, it had a Mexico license plate.

A Ferrari F40 at Radwood Austin with a Porsche 962 in the back.

The OG Porsche Carrera GT at Radwood.

Porsche 959 also at Radwood.

3 rare Porsche's in a warehouse (the tractor is also a Porsche).

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  • So many amazing spots! I love that Ferrari 250 GT SWB 😍

      28 days ago

      28 days ago
  • DANG!!!!!!!!!

      28 days ago
  • wow.

      28 days ago
  • Wow great spotting. You just don't see these in my sleepy town. So these are great.

      28 days ago


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