- P​orsche 911 S/T and Carrera 6 that form part of the 'Yellow' section.


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I​t started as a conversation over a beer, as all of the best ones do. What if we could get together a collection of motorsport-inspired cars from Porsche? Cars that adhere to the 'Win on Sunday; Sell on Monday' ethos of Porsche - from the rarest race cars to the coolest road cars. Cars that people can only ever dream of, alongside cars that people can aspire to own - from Carrera 6 to Carrera GT; R to RS to RSR; GT1 to GT3.

T​he very first 911 (901) racer that competed in Monte Carlo rally; the type of 'gaming' we like - the PlayStation 996 GT1.

Cars that people can only ever dream of, alongside cars that people can aspire to own.

W​elcome to the Rennsport Collective. It's not a Club, but all of those within the 'Collective' must own a Rennsport inspired Porsche automobile; be that a 2018 Porsche 991 GT2 RS, a 1993 Porsche 964 RS 3.8 or a 1982 Porsche 956. There is no fee. You cannot pay to join. You can only be invited or recommended by another member.

This has created a rather cool collection of cars that have been brought together for a one-day-only event at Donington Hall on Saturday 20 July 2019.

T​he cars are being curated in a way that will mix up the car-types and eras. Expect around 100 cars that will be chosen and grouped based on COLOUR. So, you will find a red 901 SWB Monte Carlo rally car next to a Porsche 911 GT1 next to a monstrously wide 1970's Porsche RSR 3.0.

​Porsche 997 GT3 RSR Felbermayr (we have two of these); 2.8 RSR build that has some incredible details.

We have four uniquely curated groups of cars that will be on display within the ancient parklands of Donington Hall in Leicestershire. The deer park at Donington dates back to mediæval times, when the Earls of Chester held it from the Crown, and the grounds are also famous for their ancient oak trees, with some up to 900 years old. We certainly cannot think of no better backdrop for our first Rennsport Collective event.

I​t's not all race cars – from the rarest of rare Porsche 964 Carrera RS 3.8 to a modern Porsche 911 GT3 road car.


By curating the cars by colour, it will create not only a unique visual treat, but will also show cars alongside vehicles from different eras. The groups will be split in to green, yellow, blue and red with, for instance, a 2019 yellow Porsche 991.2 GT2 RS sitting happily alongside a Porsche 906 that won the 1972 GT & Prototypes Championship in Portugal.

S​ome of the cars may have been seen before, but we have gone to great lengths to secure cars you won't have seen before. The cars will be coming from the UK, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Monaco, France, Switzerland and South Africa. We feel it's going to be a truly unique event that will appeal to Porsche enthusiasts and motorsport enthusiasts in equal measure.

D​onington Hall, location of the event and located very close to Donington Circuit in Leicestershire.

T​ickets are available via the website, £25 for adults with children U14 going free. There is dedicated special Porsche Parking if you want it. There will also be driving parades of these wonderful cars so you will get to see the cars and hear them...


T​he only Signal Green Porsche 993 Carrera RS; and one of the original 21 Porsche 911 S/T's - this one was competed by Porsche Factory driver, Leo Kinnunen - 'The Flying Finn'.

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