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Big Boys Toys is an annual car show that takes place in Auckland, New Zealand and I attended it for the first time recently, there were nice cars and all the usual but the model cars on display were even better!

There was a whole wall full of rare Hothweels cars- treasure hunts, limited editions and everything in between.

The stall had models by Maisto, Burago, AutoArt, Kinsmart, Welly and others! The best part of it was that everything was for sale.

There were so many model cars on display and I couldn't help myself so here's what I picked up from the show.

Let's start with the larger models, I finally got myself a model of the Fiat 500 and it looks stunning in red and black. The model is made by Kinsmart.

I've collected a few Plymouths recently and one missing from my collection is the Barracuda but not anymore as I added this '70 Cuda to my basket.

Those of you who've read my Pin-up cars of the 50s article will know that I adore Chevy Impala. To me, the car exudes style and class but until now, I didn't have one in my collection. I knew I had to add this Impala to my basket so in it went.

Unlike the other two cars, I already have a Ferrari 308 in my collection but it is a GTS and I've always wanted to have a GTB in my collection as well. Since Hotwheels have stopped making Ferraris, I also knew I wanted to walk away from the show with a Ferrari in my bag, a model Ferrari more specifically.

Finally, the crown jewel-

This was the most expensive model out of all of them but it was well worth the money. The car is a late 30s Mercedes Benz 540K and it is a beauty.

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