- This is part of a thing that makes a sound like Brap Brap Brap

A cool Rotary Tshirt for this Summer

Summer is around the corner, time to Drift into it Style!

3y ago

There is a lot of Pistons around the world, but Rotary is still a thing of beauty. Not sure if its because there is not many left on the road or because the shape of a Rotary somehow looks like Tony Stark's Power Coil Chest.

Whatever it is, a cool T-shirt of a Rotary is a must have if you own or love Rotary Engines. The fact that you can make a sound Brap Brap Brap with your mouth at a certain repetition speed will mimic a real Rotary Sound.

I own one of these in grey and I own a White RX-7. Wearing one and getting out of the car makes me look really cool for some reason. And so, I would like to recommend this awesome Rotary T-shirt to you all.

Compliments to the Designer: Francisco from Petrolheart

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