- Ugg Freamon Hyperwool

A cool wool sneaker?

It appears Ugg has done it

4y ago

When ever I heard something about the company Ugg I automatically thought of fur boots, sheep and Australia. This is no longer true... for two of those at least. Ugg has been making its transition into other realms of footwear for some time now. Not to say all of their attempts were poor... they just weren't my style.

The Ugg Freamon Hyperwool is their latest attempt at reaching a wider market and Im 100% on board. This casual sneaker has tons of potential. They were able to maintain the Ugg feel by incorporating the leather heal and leather laces but by utilizing the "Hyperwool" material the shoe looks very modern. These days people love the sock-shoe trend that Nike, Adidas and countless others are buying into. With the Freemon Hyperwool Ugg is officially in the game.

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