- The 1981 Corvette recovered by police. Pic Credit: Livonia PD on Facebook.

A Corvette recovered by the police 40 years after being stolen

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In 1981 a person bought a Corvette manufactured in the same year. The same year it was stolen from Pontiac, Michigan. This Corvette since then has been given a new VIN number and driven 10,000 miles.

..Confidential VIN numbers exist..

So how did the police locate the car? There was a call to the Livonia PD about an abandoned 1981 Corvette in Livonia. Officers were immediately dispatched. The Corvette's id number was run in the Law Enforcement's Information Network and that showed something did not match up.

They took the Corvette back to the station and then a detective who is a specialist in auto theft investigations determined that this Corvette's VIN had been Modified. After thoroughly going through the car the confidential secondary VIN was confirmed to get the Corvette's id number. Yeah, these numbers exist if both the VINs, each manufacturer has a specific location to put the secondary VIN.

When the Corvette's original id number was run through the system, it revealed that the car was stolen from Pontiac, Michigan nearly 40 years ago. Pontiac, Michigan is 40-45 minute drive away from Livonia (where the car was found). Livonia PD are now in the process of tracking the owners, that reported it stolen.

Corvette being inspected. Pic credit: Livonia PD on Facebook.

I have to acknowledge the good condition the car was kept in and whoever drove it around all those miles, also took care of the car. All I know is that when the owners are tracked they will be happy to have their car back in good condition.

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  • 1981 + 40 = 2021

    Welcome to the future!

    19 days ago
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  • What an achievement by the police to find a car stolen within 40 years... Usually it takes them longer (or not)..

    19 days ago
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