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A​ Crushing Realization

A​ geneic car that really isn’t that G-neric.

36w ago

I really didn’t give it much thought when Hot Wheels first announced earlier this year that some of the Monster Trucks were going to come with a “generic” crushed diecast car. Then a few months later, more pictures of the cars started to show up, and they were not looking that ”generic“. The red one looked like the ’77 Custom Dodge Van and the purple one looked like a ‘71 Plymouth Satellite station wagon. Then there was the orange one known as “Speed Bump”....

T​he side profile looks very familiar......

T​he side profile looks very familiar......

I​t looked VERY familiar. And then it hit me, it’s a mid 80’s GM G-Body 2 sedan. To be more specific, a modified version of the ’84 Hurst Olds casting released a eight years ago. Being a G-Body Cutlass owner myself, well, this really hit close to home. You don‘t believe me? Well then, let’s compare it with the Hot Wheels ’84 Hurst Olds casting from Target’s retro series. Look at that side profile, it is uncanny.

N​ow the front clip does have a little Buick Regal look to it but the rear end is definitely a Cutlass.

B​y now you probably think I‘ve gone crazy. There’s just no way that this could be a 1984 Hurst Olds. Well, let‘s take a look at the center console of the gray Hurst Olds: Enhance.... Enhance... Enhance...

D​o you see those three bumps where the shifters should be? That’s Hot Wheels’ interpretation of the Hurst Lightning Rod shifters that came stock in the 1983 and 84 Hurst Olds (look up how they actually worked on YouTube sometime, it is quite interesting). Now look at the center console of the crushed doppelgänger looking through the front windshield area..... Enhance.... Enhan.... Oh you get the idea.

L​ook! Three bumps! But wait! There‘s more! The piece de resistance, the base.

Look at the dual exhaust, the rear axle, and the spare tire tub (granted the orange version has 2 tubs versus 1 tub on the gray one). It’s the ‘84 Hurst Olds base with some slight changes (they hollowed our the dash area and added side pipes).

S​o there you have it. This poor, orange and crumpled looking ”generic“ car was once the mighty ’84 Hurst Olds. But now, it has been relegated to Monster Truck fodder. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Thanks for playing along! We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming... Er.... I mean... Postings.

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  • I kinda like the crumple of it. granted, I don't own one, so that probably changes my opinion, but I'm glad they added detail to this overlooked car. just meant to be an object to be crushed at least they gave it some dignity with details.

      8 months ago