A crx with a twist

Could this be the greatest crx in all the land?

Over the Gridlife weekend last summer we had a chance to catch up with the guys from Vibrant Performance while we were walking around at the event in South Haven Michigan. After seeing the trick that this car was hiding, we just had to take some pictures and put the builder in front of a mic. You see, where the old D-series used to sit there is now an F22c powering the rear wheels. Yes that’s right, this car has been RWD converted. On top of using an S2000 motor and 6 speed, the power is put down through a VLSD stolen from an S14. On top of the radical conversion, the engine is force fed air from a Garret GT35R turbo. I think it is an understatement to say this is one mean little CRX! Make sure to listen in to our chat with these guys on our podcast. You can find us on iTunes, Google Play Music, YouTube, or by following the link below!



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