A day full of Nissan

At first we (Two other guys from Showoff Imports and me) planned a trip to Japan to visit the Tokyo Motorshow in Januari. Unfortunately one of the guys got sick and we had to postpone the trip till September. No Tokyo Motorshow, but ofcourse a lot of other awesome places to visit. We dedicated one day to Nissan. Visited the Nissan Headquarters, the NISMO headquarters and Nissan's Engine Museum.

First, the Nissan Headquarters, where I saw the new GT-R for the very first time.

The New Nissan GT-R

The New Nissan GT-R

Also, the Headquarters had a few nice Nismo Tuned cars on display. I have a thing for the 370Z and the Nismo version is ofcourse even a little more interesting.


And a overview (of just a smalll part of the whole Headquarters)

After the Headquarters we went to Nismo. There were quite some impressive racecars at Nismo. Unfortunately we couldn't get a tour around the factory and the Nismo Shop was closed. But, still had some interesting cars on display in the Nismo Museum.

Shame on the picture quality :(

Because we couln't get a tour and the shop was closed, we were done pretty quickly at the Nismo factory. Nevertheless I think it is worth a visit for the Nissan Enthousiasts

Next stop was the Nissan Engine Museum. But not before we explored the area to see where Daikoku Futo was. Unfortunately we had to search for this world-famous meetingspot for a while and we entered the museam just 10 minutes before closure time. Shot some images anyway:

Daniël trying to bring the engine up to some serious RPM's.

One of the biggest engines around, from a Nissan R382 (1969)

Smallest engine at the museum. Came from a Datsun roadster model 14 (1935)

That's about it for our Nissan dedicated day. I really think all three destinations are worth the visit when you are around Tokyo/Yokohama. All three places are perfectly visited in one day, time and locationwise. Probaby a nice thing to keep in mind when you are planning your cartrip around Tokyo.

Hope you enjoyed the article and photo's. Next writeup wil probably be about the meeting we visited at Daikoku Futo and the one we visited at Tatsumi Parking.

Have a nice day/night! Take care!