A day out in a bOxster spyder and an mx5

The Best selling sports car in history and one of the greatest of The moment come together on beautiful welsh roads

4y ago

It's not often I get the chance to head out in a brand new Porsche (it's actually the first time) but this one is a rather special car even by the German brands' especially high standards. This car, as hyped as it may be was always portrayed as the Cayman GT4's poor relation but I simply cannot see why. This car has everything you could possibly want from a mid engined sports car from the noise to the looks to the exquisite attention to detail it is a complete triumph.

Ever since the boxter was launched there has been a sense that Porsche had been strangling its mid engined sports cars for fear of them becoming better than a 911 and to some extent this has happened here with the 3.8 litre carrera S engine being throttled back to 375 horsepower but everything that is important to a sports car experience is done better by the boxter. The sound is astonishing, without doubt the best sounding 6 cylinder engine in production today it's a mild shame that the gearing in the car is so long as you don't go through the box as much as you would like but that is of little significance in a car like this.

And then we have the mk1 mx5. The single greatest selling sports car ever. This particular example is a Japanese import (an Eunos roadster for those who know their mx5's) featuring a locking diff, strut brace and blistein dampers. This car puts you in touch with why we fell in love with cars in the first place, unlike the Porsche you can use all of the performance on the road without going to jail or killing your self. A certain degree of caution does have to be excercised however as there are no crumple zones or any ABS to keep you safe, it's all down to you. This car is criticised for its lack of grunt but there is enough power to keep you entertained especially on a twisty welsh backroad and it's character shines through all the time. This car is dripping with character such that you can imagine driving with the roof down even in Baltic temperatures without a care in the world for the odd looks you get from those outside the motoring world.

Overall a marvellous day in two cars which on the face of it seem very different different but share the same underlying values. Street biased performance, the ability to tear up a backroad and about a million miles of headroom between them.

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