A Day Out To Remember: 'The Motorsport Experience'

How many times are you watching an F1 race, thinking that you could show that Lewis Hamilton a thing or two about racing? It's probably quite a few, isn't it? But how often are you really able to prove it? In association with Stopwatch Hospitality & RaceHub, now is your chance to truly put your money where your mouth is.

What is the 'Motorsport Experience'?

This package combines the very best of the motorsport universe into one unforgettable experience. On track action, live race broadcasts, stunning views & unlimited time on a race simulator will redefine the concept of engagement & interactivity in motorsport.

Your day begins with your arrival to the circuit, in which we provide you with privileged VIP parking, close to both Stopwatch Hospitality & RaceHub. You will be welcomed into the warm embrace of the Stopwatch Hospitality suite, giving you the chance to enjoy a coffee and get settled in. It won't be long until the on-track action begins, where your vantage point will be what is considered one of the best views in British motorsport.

As you're settling into your day, attention will turn to our broadcast screens, where coverage of the British Touring Car Championship & Formula One will be very much underway. Now is the time to study up, for your qualifying session at RaceHub will soon begin. Heading from the Stopwatch suite, you will get your first taste of the immersive simulation centre that is RaceHub.

While some people are qualifying in RaceHub, you can follow their progress from the Stopwatch suite where we will have a live feed of all the session times. This does mean if you are in fact the pole sitter, you will have to be ready at almost any moment to run down to RaceHub should someone top your time. So yes, we even provide a workout in our package too. How kind are we?

As the day goes on, the choice of entertainment is yours. You have the ability to book unlimited slots in RaceHub, or you can remain in the Stopwatch suite to enjoy either the on-track action or our live motorsport broadcasts.

Your day will conclude with our main event: Race Time.

It's time to put everything on the line and take to the grid, which of course will be determined by the qualifying time you set during the day. After that, it couldn't be more simple; as those lights go out it is winner takes it all. Both Stopwatch & RaceHub will provide a prizes for the winner.

Tickets for 'The Motorsport Experience' can be purchased HERE:

- Circuit & Suite Entry with VIP Parking

- Club Racing on-track at Brands Hatch all day

- BTCC & F1 broadcast live on our screens

- Enjoying Brands Hatch from the best view in British Motorsport

- Unlimited slots on the RaceHub simulator

All for only £49

'The Motorsport Experience': the next step in Immersive Motorsport Engagement

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