- M​y 2012 Defender 90

A​ deep-rooted obsession

I​ always found myself drawn to the rugged appeal of Land Rovers, but it took until my mid-twenties to uncover their history within my own family.

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Initially I thought the interest in Land Rovers was a new concept to me, but this was without the knowledge that my family actually had two generations of history driving them.

I​t started around the 1950s when my late paternal grandfather was living in eastern Africa and spent many days behind the wheel of a Land Rover.

Years later he took my father for his first driving lesson in one, having sat my then 10 year old Dad on his lap and allowed him to steer when they lived in Goroka, Papua New Guinea.

Today, I use my Defender 90 as a daily driver - it may be a little more luxurious than its predecessors, but there is no denying its heritage in the famed off-roader established in 1948.

Showing my grandfather photos of my then newly acquired Defender 90 seemed to stir long-forgotten memories, and the obsession I found in these cars all started to make sense.

Suddenly he was telling stories from his time in Africa as a young man - recounting tales of his car falling into large elephant holes and driving straight back out.

Then, with a laugh, he explained that while following animal tracks in long grass he accidentally drove into the back of an elephant before quickly retreating.

Looking back, I had always admired these cars and the story seems to have come full circle now - every Landy has stories to share and the 90 will staying with me for a long time yet.

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Comments (4)

  • Thing for me with Land Rovers, they look good, they don't give up and yes they are flawed but it's an all time great

      11 days ago
    • Definitely - all the quirks add character, right?

        10 days ago
    • Exactly and old land rovers are reliable they get a bad reputation due to modern land rovers and British Leyland build quality but they are tough beasts

        10 days ago