- Famed cover model and actress Eugenia Kuzmina with Bruce Meyer's 3 Window Deuce Story &Photos by Royce Rumsey

A Deuce 'Coup'

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When doing a casual photoshoot with two renowned, international cover models and famed automotive scion Bruce Meyer happens to show up with his incredible, old-school 3-window Deuce Coupe and joins in the shoot…what else could such a ‘Fordtuitous’ confluence be called other than a coup!

The 3-Window Deuce, Eugenia and Ellen crafting a photo-opportunity coup in Beverly Hills.

Eugenia and Ellen have graced many international fashion magazines and fashion runways as well as Eugenia being regularly seen in film, TV and live productions.

Eugenia and Ellen provide some great, impromptu poses with the Deuce Coupe...

Adorned by Ivan Bitten Style House wardrobe, they were already making some great images doing casual shoots with a ’64 Bonneville Sport Coupe and a ’47 Bentley Mark VII…when down the road approaches Bruce Meyer (who needs no introduction in automotive circles) in his perfect ’32 3-Window and immediately and graciously makes it and himself available for some captures.

Ellen and Eugenia enjoying the chopped-roof confines of the 3-Window Deuce...

Eugenia then decides to take a stroll around the Coupe.

Bruce’s ’32 is a splendid rendition of an ‘old school’ Deuce--replete with a multi-inch chop, louvered hood, percolating V-8power to a quick-change rear-end, steels with traditional small caps and vintage Firestone rubber—sans fenders—and of course all done in onyx perfection.

Drawing to a winning pair: Bruce Meyer's perfect 'old school' rendition of a 3-Window with international beauty, Eugenia.

Eugenia decides to take a few photos herself, with a very fitting 'neo-retro' camera she brought along...

Neo-Retro photographer, Eugenia Kuzmina...

Cover photo reprise of Eugenia with the Deuce

The synergy of Eugenia, Ellen, Bruce and the Deuce became tangible as hopefully will be seen in this collection of some of the captures.

The "American Gothic" 'Deuce Coup' crew: Bruce's Deuce, Eugenia, Ellen and the man himself, Bruce Meyer

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  • Pretty car, pretty girls. It doesn’t get any better! Nice headlights!

    1 month ago
  • As usual Royce, beautiful work!

    1 month ago
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