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A devilish Mitsuoka Orochi

The new limited edition Mitsuoka Orochi, inspired by the animated series "Devilman crybaby"

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Japanese automobile company Mitsuoka recently released a special version of their supercar, the Orochi. Inspired by the latest version of the popular anime Devilman, "Devilman Crybaby" produced by Netflix, and released this year, Mitsuoka designed with the help of Devilman creator and famous mangaka Go Nagai a brand new version of the Orochi.

Photo credits - mitsuoka-motor.com

Photo credits - mitsuoka-motor.com

"Devilman Crybaby" is a sort of new version of Devilman, a popular manga and animated series around since the seventies. The story is simple, Akira Fudo is a pretty normal schoolboy, his rich friend Ryo Asuka, one day tell to Akira, what demons are going to carve back up from hell and attack the human race, and their only possibility of survival is to use the powers of demons for fight them back. The careful Ryo ( what a good mate ) convinces Akira to be possessed by Amon, the most powerful demon around and so he become a Devilman, half human and half demon. Below the quite psychedelic trailer of the series.


In this new series, Ryo drives a white Mitsuoka Orochi, this cars originally presented as a concept car at 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, it's based on the platform of a Honda NSX, with a 3.3 L Toyota 3MZ-FE V6 engine. The name "Orochi" derives by a traditional Japanese monster, "Yamata no Orochi" a giant 8 headed and 8-tailed snake (Orochi) with eyes red as winter cherries. The shape of the front, recall in fact the idea of a snake. The Orochi was put in production only in 2006 and a limited number of 400 units was sold through the years, along some special limited edition, then the production ended in 2014.

a screenshot from the animated series

a screenshot from the animated series

Mitsuoka’s top designer Takanori Aoki, in collaboration with production art director Takahisa Atsuji, developed this unique model, inspired at the crazy world imagined by Go Nagai many years ago. The aggressive lines, the intense shades of red, and the paintwork of the bonnet, which recall the head's shape of Devilman, truly match the atmosphere of the series.

Photo credits - mitsuoka-motor.com

Photo credits - mitsuoka-motor.com

It’s not the first time Mitsuoka motors work in partnership with animation company, back in 2014 they designed a special "Seven Eleven Evangelion" limited edition, inspired by the animated series "Neon Genesis Evangelion", produced by Studio Gainax.

Photo credits - www.motor1.com

Photo credits - www.motor1.com

I'm not a fan of the Orochi, I find that the front grill spoil a bit the whole appearance of the car, but I have to say this Devilman limited edition and especially the Evangelion edition are pretty cool, but this is a consequence of be an anime and manga lover since years.

What about you?

Which cars would you see in an “ Anime special edition”?

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