A dirty Audi in Austria

- I thought about titling this The (Black and) White Spyder in homage to Heinrich Harrer's book, but I'm not sure how many would have got the reference. Maybe next time.
- The road: the Hahntennjoch Pass.
- Lots of naturally aspirated goodness to reverberate off the mountains.
- The road is just south of the border with Germany in the thin bit of Austria (up the Swiss end).
- If you want narrow alpine hairpins, then it can do those.
- This section was unbelievably slippery thanks to all the salt that had been spread on the road in anticipation of a big freeze.
- And a lot of the salt ended up on the car.
- Dappled light, perfect curves.
- A lovely place to be.
- This is on the eastern side of the pass, nearer to Imst.
- The pass is known for landslides and it's easy to see why
- The wooded section nearest to Imst
- The place beyond the pines (note, we did not see Ryan Gosling)
- Technically, on the western side of the pass, the Hahntennjoch only begins at Boden (no relation to the clothing company, as far as I know)
- Beware, all ye who enter here, for there be avalanches
- Did we mention that this is our long termer? I had to prise the keys from the steely grasp of its lucky keeper, Ben Pulman.
- Our long termer has the carbon ceramic brakes.
- Winter tyres meant the R8 moved around more, which I loved.
- There really should have been more snow up here at this time of year. I'm glad there wasn't.
- Inviting, isn't it?
- Not the highest pass, but that's why I chose it.
- The R8 was surprisingly parsimonious on the journeys to and from the mountains, registering 26mpg. It was a little more thirsty on the passes though...

During the breaks in filming, I tried to capture a little bit of why Austria is possibly my favourite driving destination in Europe.

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Comments (34)

  • Love the close-ups👏👌

      4 years ago
  • Why can't we save pictures 🙁

      4 years ago
    • U can always screenshot and crop 'em

        4 years ago
    • Or go on the PC and email them to your phone so you have an awesome wallpaper. ("'\(-_-) To have what one wants one must overcome a great many obstacles to obtain it.

        4 years ago
  • An idea for you Henry, how about doing a video on SUV that are not a Ranger Rover.

    my idea is millbrook proving ground with a land cruiser, jeep grand cherokee and a mitsuibhi suv in a shootout to find the best suv outside range rover

      4 years ago
  • Great place, I go to Austria as a child when I went with my parents, specifically in Sankt Anton in the area of ​​Vorarlberg.

    The Alps are a great place to experience the thrill of driving

      4 years ago
  • where can I find the video???

      4 years ago