- Vitus the Donkey seemed to think this McLaren looked tasty! - Image from Sky

A Donkey With An Acquired Taste For Supercars!

1y ago


Last year, McLaren 650S Spider owner Markus Zahn parked his car in Vogelsberg, Germany, close to a paddock containing a donkey named Vitus.

Reports have stated that Vitus mistook the Orange 650S Spider for a giant carrot, and thought all of it's dreams had come at once! The donkey tried taking a chomp out of the rear of the car, causing £5,095 worth of damage.

Markus Zahn said the Donkey caused £5,095 worth of damage to his McLaren - Image from Jalopnik

The driver took the owners of the donkey to court over the damages, and this week has won his case, forcing the owners to pay the £5,095. In court, Zahn heard that the Donkey had previously chewed on the rear of a Mercedes too! Vitus' owners argued that Mr. Zahn should not have parked his bright orange supercar so close to the donkey's paddock. Unfortunately, the court ruled against them.

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