A dozen BMW M1s in Autoworld

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BMW’s first true supercar celebrates its 40th birthday. The success of the Bavarian brand along with a surge in classic car culture gives ample opportunity to attend birthday parties for the M1 all around the world. It was a featured car in BMW’s chambers at the Essen Techno Classica and at the very same time, a dozen of them attended the Stuttgart Retro Classics.

Essen Techno Classica 2018

The Belgian Autoworld Museum is commemorating this birthday with 12 lovely cars (seven road versions and five colourful and impressive race cars).

For those unaware, the permanent exhibition of Autoworld is always worth a visit, but it usually hosts four to six major thematic exhibitions a year, where several dozen theme-specific vehicles occupy the main gallery on the first floor (I wrote about the 120 year of Renault this summer).

120 Years of Renault in Autoworld

In between the main exhibitions, two ground floor exposition spaces are available for smaller (sometimes ad hoc) exhibitions encompassing about a dozen cars (e.g. the Belgian legends at Le Mans).

The set of the twelve M1s was such a temporary show, to be followed by another smaller Pegaso exhibition next month, before the big Porsche exhibition kicks in in December. The exhibition is open until 4 November (so two more weeks), for those unable to attend in the next two weeks, I recommend to have a peek at the article on egzostive.com.

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  • The genesis. I am sporting the derivative of this engine in my '88 M5. One day, fingers crossed, i will drive the original.

    2 months ago
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  • Great post!

    2 months ago
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    • Thanks! It's easy when its fun to gather the material for the post :)

      2 months ago
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