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The drive forward is all about the future of the car, and how everyone from Ford and Ferrari to Tesla and Google is going to take us there

4y ago

Welcome to The Drive Forward. This tribe is all about the progression of the car industry and where it is taking is (and itself) next. From electric Teslas and autonomous Uber taxis, to hybrid Ferraris and everything in-between, TDF will take you on a journey into a brave new world for the motorcar.

It seems entirely reasonable that in our lifetimes the vast majority of new cars will be electric and have the ability to drive themselves. The car industry is at an influx point and, as Apple boss Tim Cook once said, ripe for innovation and change. The road ahead is a winding, unsighted, treacherous and controversial one which will take us deep into unchartered territory.

Just look at those Honda NSXs up there. The first was a revolution, yet looks positively prehistoric compared to its hybrid grandchildren on either side. That photo alone shows how the future can be as exciting as the past.

Some may bemoan the loss of the manual gearbox and even the internal combustion engine itself, but at TDF we see opportunity, excitement, change and innovation like never before. Our job is not just to share our excitement for the future with you, but to help guide you along a road no sat-nav can find. We will explain not just what new technologies are, but why they are important and how they will make a difference for you.

So come along. Open the door, settle down into the passenger seat and let us take you into the future.

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