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The start of a series that will follow my upcoming 2019 roadtrip. Starting with discussing about why now, with whom and most importantly; where to?

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First of all, you might be thinking; "Who is this guy and why is he going to write about his roadtrip?" Two questions that can be answered rather easily.

My name is Thijs Olthof, as you can probably tell from my username. I am a 20 year old Dutchman and as most of you (I guess), have been a petrolhead since day one.

The answer to the second question might be a little bit more interesting. Because in this day and age of social media like Instagram and of course Youtube, it seems almost weird to go and write something in a blog like form. Firstly I like reading articles like these myself and wanted to give it a go with the benefit of improving my writing skills. And secondly I would love some input and advice from people without having to put my face in front of a camera. Because I can tell you that I am even worse at vlogging/making videos than writing, to say the least. But you never know, I might vlog while I'm doing this roadtrip.

the sights, the roads and the people that you get to meet is what excites me to do this trip

- Myself

The Why

Making a roadtrip is something a lot of people do for farious reasons. It might be just because of your love of travelling by car. Or the need to see more of the country while on a holiday. For me it's a bit of both, but those are not the only two reasons. Since I have got my license two years ago, I am making plans in my head about doing a roadtrip. And not a small one by any means. I don't want to go across the world, but across Europe would be a nice start. And as a guy who really loves to drive, I didn't want to make a lot of highway miles. So it is also a way of driving those amazing roads that are all over the internet. The sights, the roads and the people that you get to meet is what excites me to do this trip.

The Who

No, I don't mean the British band. Although the chance of one of their songs coming up while doing this trip is quite significant. On a more serious note though, the trip is going to be only my father and I. Yes, you have read that right. It is going to be a 'father and son' kind of thing. With my dad turning 54 this year, and myself experiencing more and more people taking their last breath, I could not get this roadtrip with him fast enough off of my bucketlist. It might seem a bit too emotional or depressing, but I just know that life can be over in the blink of an eye. Now I know that mid 50 is not really that old, but that does not mean that something can happen. Of course I would like to do the same trip, or one similar, with friends. But my dad is higher up on the list of people I want to do this trip with at the moment.

And that, is where you come in

- myself (again)

The Destination

If you took notice of my beautiful screenshot of Google Maps with those even more beautiful photoshoped destination pins in it, you probably have seen one pin standing roughly on Monaco. The other one is, again roughly, on a small village an hour away from Amsterdam. As you can guess, my dad and I will start in that small village. The cliché destination of choice is Monaco. Both of us have never been there, so that's nice. I still wonder how it is to walk through those iconic streets in the heat of the summer. And as both of us are petrolheads and Formula 1 fans, there will be plenty to see. Like walking around the track, although it won't be in that form around that time as the Monaco Grand Prix was last week. But, as I mentioned before; I don't want to take the highway all the time. I have some specific roads that I will put on the list, but there will also be some cities that we will visit. Like Stuttgart, for venues as the Porsche Museum and Motorworld. But there will surely be more. And that, is where you come in.

Your Influence

As I stated in the beginning of this article, or post if you want to call it that, is that I would like some advice and input into this roadtrip. With so many people on this platform there will sure be a lot of places and roads that I don't know about but should! So please leave some messages with those places and roads and maybe I can put it in the schedule.

Also leave some advice about my writing style if you will. Because making my posts more enjoyable to read will be a huge benefit to not only you, but also to me. Mostly because being able to write in a certain way is always a plus on my skill list.

A Small Recap And The Future

So with the why, who and (vaguely) where done, it is time to plan the next subject. As it stands now I think I am going to make a list with only a couple of the routes or places that are certain of making it on the definitive schedule, and discussing those. I know this post was a long one, so I will make sure the future ones are a lot shorter. I am looking forward to your comments and advice, but mostly to the upcoming roadtrip!

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  • Two spots I can recommend. When you go to Stuttgart, also visit the Mercedes Museum. It's gigantic, you'll love it. And you could go back to France and head to Molsheim (Bugatti museum) whilst heading towards Monaco. Obviously, If you have the means, get a slightly faster car for the journey, It'll be fun on the Autobahn.

      2 years ago
    • Thank you so much for the recommendations! I will look into it and if I can fit it all in. About the car; there is a post in the making. It may not be the most sporty or fast car you can imagine. But it'll do it's job of being comfy and powerfull...

      Read more
        2 years ago
  • Well done. I hope you both have fun.

    And definitely keep posting updates!

      2 years ago