A Father-Son Bonding Over Bavarian Muscle - The BMW M3

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Most car enthusiasts would love nothing more than to have a car for every situation and purpose, but few have the ability to do so. Manufacturers have chased this “all-purpose” performance car for decades, but for the last thirty years few cars have represented this ideal more effectively than the BMW M3.

For Hassan, a Dallas-based Physician, his F80 M3 serves exactly this purpose: a be-anything, do-anything machine that meets all of his needs simultaneously. In his younger years as an amateur musician, his Mitsubishi 3000GT fit his lifestyle perfectly. As a doctor with kids and a commute, however, a sports car didn’t fit the bill. His previous BMW 550i M Sport handled the commuting duties with ease, but it felt a bit dull when pushed and showed both its size and weight despite BMW’s valiant attempts to conceal them. In short, it was too much Dr. Jekyll and not enough Mr. Hyde.

A replacement was in order: something nimbler and responsive, but no less comfortable. It needed to be quiet enough for his daughter to fall asleep in the backseat, but still manage to keep his interest when driving spiritedly on backroads. Like many who have become converts or have stayed loyal to the brand, Hassan also appreciates the tremendous value that the BMW M3 has to offer.

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