- Photo credits Andrea Minelli

A Ferrari 812 GTS mysteriously ends up in a lake

The car would have gone into the water by itself

7w ago

Some accidents arouse more curiosity and amazement than anger and shock. Such is the case with a Ferrari 812 GTS that mysteriously ended up in a lake in Italy. According to initial reports, the Italian convertible crawled very slowly into the water without anyone on board.

The owner of the vehicle parked on a ramp leading to the beach of the lake. This could be the classic case of a forgotten handbrake. However, this hypothesis is unthinkable because the 812 GTS has an electric parking brake that automatically engages as soon as the ignition is switched off.

It is therefore possible that the electrical system failed to apply the brakes sufficiently to hold the Maranello sports car in place. It is because of this anomaly that the 812 GTS went splashing around quietly under the eyes of a few curious passers-by.

Relatively close to the shore, the car is not completely submerged. But as the water level reached half the front rim, it will surely have suffered significant damage, particularly to the electronics, which will naturally lead to tens of thousands of euros in repairs.

Photo credits Andrea Minelli

Photo credits Andrea Minelli

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      1 month ago
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      1 month ago
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      1 month ago
  • Toyota story over again

      1 month ago
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      1 month ago