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    A Ferrari 812 test mule has been spied out and about, but what is it hiding?

    It was seen driving around Ferrari's home town of Maranello and it could be the prototype for something very, very special.

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    The Ferrari 812 Superfast has been around for a decent amount of time now. The latest iteration of Ferrari's classic front-engined, two-seater RWD coupe formula, it's a car that's been highly praised during its lifetime. The 812 is reaching its twilight years though and, as per Ferrari tradition, it's expected that a limited-run variant with even higher performance than the standard car will be coming along within the next couple of years. If you believe some footage that's come up already on YouTube, that car may already be well under development!


    YouTuber Varryx spotted this strange-looking 812 driving around Ferrari's home town of Maranello, Italy. It definitely looks like a test mule and is more than likely being used to test components for the inevitable higher-performance special edition of the 812. Varryx labels it the 812 GTO in his video which, given Ferrari's naming traditions, could very well be what it's eventually called, although the name 812 VS has been thrown around as a potential name. It's expected to have a more powerful version of the standard 812's 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine, revving as high as 9,000 rpm and potentially making as much as 850 hp. The car also has some noticeable cosmetic differences from the regular 812 Superfast, including a wider aperture for the front radiator and two rear-facing grilles around the rear exhaust.

    As well as being a special limited-run model, the 812 GTO or 812 VS will be the end of an era for Ferrari. It's expected to be the final naturally aspirated V12 Ferrari ever made, as emissions regulations and environmental concerns will mean that all future V12 Ferraris will likely be turbocharged and/or used as part of a hybrid system. With that in mind, you know that the designers and engineers at Maranello are going to pull out all the stops that they possibly can to make it the greatest V12 Ferrari to date!


    Varryx has previously spotted the test mule on track at Ferrari's private Fiorano test track a few months back, but this is the first time that any video of the car being driven on the road has been seen. The car being driven on the road also seems to have much less camouflage than the car Varryx saw at Fiorano, meaning that the car is potentially a fair bit closer to being ready for its unveiling. A precise date for when the new Ferrari will officially be unveiled hasn't been set, but there have been rumours that it could happen before the end of the year as Ferrari made an announcement earlier in the year that we'd see two new models in 2020.

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    • I think the GTO name would be most likely too, since this is the Rarri's last NA V12 so the most exclusive nameplate is the best fitting for the final send off

        28 days ago
    • Oh, yes please! And I thought the F12 couldn't possibly get any faster....

        26 days ago
    • We don’t want it. Don’t what any of it

        19 days ago
    • The one thing the 812 does not need is any more power.

        26 days ago


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