A few seconds of Silvia's exuberance

31w ago
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- Real Racing 3

It is 1976 and the world is witnessing the birth of a tech giant called Apple but KnuckleHeads are witnessing the birth of the sweetest chassis in the existence. The S-Chassis has cemented its legacy as a synonym for a 5-letter word 'Drift'. The first ever S chassis car or 'Silvia' came out in 1976 as an affordable version of the expensive Fairlady Z. 'S' representing 'Silvia' and the number following it indicated the generation. However it was not until S13 came out, that everybody took notice of the S-Chassis. The S13 was known to offer a turbocharged engine from the factory! in 1989! Observing the magnitude of bonkery packed in the S13, S14 followed with 220HP Turbo-ed Inline 4. While NASA launched the Mars polar Lander, Nissan launched a 247HP Inline 4 engine placed in a sweet strawberry faced S15 Silvia(the one in the video). This exuberant drifting machine was only sold in Japan, New Zealand and Australia, which was like a lion in a zoo. Summing it up all together Silvia was known to have a tremendous potential to handle high power figures and provide drivers a chassis for drifting as a boon.

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