A few seconds of Wankel's Witchcraft (Mazda RX-7)

42w ago
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- Real Racing 3

This marvellous mazda left the people of the world staggered when they came to know and experience the fact that a car can be driven without the use of traditional cylinders. The magnificence in question was the wankel rotary engine. It basically involved a Dorito in rotating in an oval only the Dorito was made up of metal cause of course! The result was an engineering gem which was advised bro be driven like a redneck or simply at high revs. The first gen RX7 came with an unorthodox but simple recipe. Just like your mother puts extra salt in your curry to balance the sourness, the RX7 reduced weight to balance the power. Although it took some years for mazda to perfect the RX7 since the first 2 gens had handling and engine issues. The three generations of RX7 were called FB, FC and FD, with FD(the one in the race) to be the most popular and the most beautiful JDM car ever!

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  • The Spirit r is too expensive in rr3

      9 months ago
  • Marcel Corrigeux, that guy is everywhere.

      9 months ago