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A field of S660 proves you don't need power to race

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If you want to watch some close on-track racing, chances are you'd watch touring cars, Clio Cup cars, you seldom watch Formula 1 right. Yes the last race in Texas really was something, and I'm sure everybody would be glad to see the Fin driving that Ferrari across the line for the first time in 5 years.


Cue the Honda S660, Honda's answer to the not-so-big kei car market in Japan. They could've stuck to making boxes that just happens to move, but nope. They've created a 63bhp, 660cc turbocharged 3-cylinder sports car, with drive going to the rear wheels via a limited slip differential.,

Credit: https://www.hot-version.jp/hotversion/143/

Hot Version, the show that Keiichi Tsuchiya makes in Japan, saw the opportunity, and thought it would be a great idea for tuners in Japan to gather their demo cars in Tsukuba for a mini championship.

Credit: https://www.hot-version.jp/hotversion/143/

The championship started off with a drag race tournament, where different tuners would pit their cars against each other on the back straight of Tsukuba Circuit. Of course, at the end, the HKS car with a bigger turbo won the championship with Nobuteru Taniguchi at the wheel, who still holds the lap record of Tsukuba to this date.

Credit: https://www.hot-version.jp/hotversion/143/

Then there was a time attack showdown, where the HKS car won again because of its power, and the Spoon car driven by the Drift King would come second.

Finally there was the 7-lap battle, Seeing a field of kei cars racing against each other on a short track is nothing short of incredible. Who knew the best kinds of racing is not Formula 1, nor is it touring cars, but kei cars for crying out loud.

Credit: https://www.hot-version.jp/hotversion/143/

It just proves that you don't need power to have fun. You also don't need that much money to race with others, just gather a field of small cars with bugger all power, and just have fun. Racing isn't all about the performance of the car, or how good the tuning is, but the driver too. And that is what makes the true essence of racing.

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