A flying Titanic or the voyage of the Damned.

Don't worry, it's not a long and boring article. I know some drivetribers like my crazy and weird transportation world. Thanks for joining my tribe again! I'm not interested in the supercars or the technical aspects of the motoring but I like reading and learning more about these mysterious topics. I'm curious so I need to discover new and crazy concepts.

If you run my tribes, you guess I'm a ship lover even I'm becoming an automotive enthusiast. If you grew up with James Cameron's Titanic, you know there is a car which is an important place for our hidden lovers who run in the shaddow and hot corridors of the ship. That movie is the origin of my love for a memorable and marvelous ship I still love for 20 years. Released in 1997/1998, that movie generated new young "titanicophilic" enthusiats.

The next step was an amazing TV adaptation of the tragedy without those sad feelings of death and human sacrifices. How to transform a tragedy into a comedy? On 25th december 2007, the writers from Doctor Who's christmas episode managed that challenge. If you're a fan of the genious British TV show, Doctor Who, you didn't miss that special episode called The Voyage of the Damned.

How to make a good British TV show with a British ship, the Queen and the Doctor played by David Tennant? It's simple and brilliant! Integrate a flying Titanic with its famous four funnels and create a collision with galactic objects. After adding some iconic things from the real Titanic which are transformed like the extraterrestrial wealth passengers and the terrible angelic hosts. They try to kill you and the passengers whereas your ship is falling slowly on the earth. Exit the captain Hardaker (and not Edward John Smith), our Doctor and his companion (Kylie Minogue) save the British Royal family and the world avoiding the terrestrial colapse of our Titanic which is... saved too! You have all the ingredients of the recipe.

The Doctor saves the Queen and ... the Titanic!

Now, it's time to watch the Voyage of the Damned, an amazing adventure of the excellent 10th Doctor. I'm just sad there's not a flying car inside the atmospheric Titanic. It's been nearly 10 years our flying Titanic is gone. I don't know where she is in the universe.

Tell me in the comments what are your favorite scenes in that christmas episode and what is the best Doctor? It's a great and serious debate.

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  • One of my favorites episode of Doctor Who!😄

    11 months ago
  • That is interesting but I am useless as I haven't seen that but I like Futurama's view on Titanic story :-)

    1 year ago
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