A Ford GT has been sold for $1.54million

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It is very common these days that the lucky souls on this planet who manage to secure a car limited to very few units sell them to make a profit. While usually when you drive a car out of the showroom its value decreases, the value of cars with limited build slots increases after coming out of the dealership.

In order to stop car flippers from implementing their techniques on the GT, Ford implemented a two-year clause which stopped the buyers from selling the car before two years had passed since the delivery of the GT. Now though we are in 2019 and 2 years have passed since the sales of the GT commenced in 2017. So here is the first GT to be sold.

The GT you are seeing above has been sold for more than triple its price. But this wasn't an ordinary GT, this one is a special ‘66 Heritage Edition, made to memorialize the original GT40’s win at Le Mans in 1966.

According to the auction house Barrett-Jackson, this car has just clocked 30 miles, indicating that it was an investment. The '66 Edition though is a beautiful car.

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  • I think it's certainly worth it; if there's a high demand and little to supply, then naturally a car will be worth a lot. Nice piece

    1 month ago
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  • They have sold for 2.5 million before! This is a car worth it’s value in my opinion awesome news!

    1 month ago
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