- A line of abandoned VW Beetles

A forest of dead cars

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In south Sweden near Norwegian border there's an unusual wood, where you can find not only trees and animals but almost a thousend of old rusty cars.

The location:

Bastnäs near the town of Riddarhyttan, in the province of Västmanland is an ex mineral site in the middle of a forest, it's begin famous for the discovery of rare-earth elements like Cerium in its oxide form and Lanthanum, the first one in the year 1803 by Jöns Jakob Berzelius and Wilhelm Hisinger and the other in 1839 by Carl Gustav Mosander. There's also a mineral called bastnäsite. Nowadays the mineral site is become a ecomuseum, near it there's Ivan's junkyard where hundreds of cars are abandoned at their destiny, most of them in the forest.

The story :

In september 3, 1967 Sweden switch driving side, after a popular referendum citizens choosed to change the current left-hand drive side to the right-hand one, adeguating their drive style at the european standards. In Swedish's history this was called Dagen H. Dagen as Day and H as Högertrafikomläggningen, Right-Hand Traffic Diversion. The change wasn't easy at all and caused one of the biggest traffic jam in history. Most of the old left hand's cars was dismissed, substituited by cars adapt at the new driving standards, people who had the possibility bhougt right side steer wheel's cars, the older ones bacame junkyard material.

Two brothers had the idea of buy the left hand drive cars to sell spare parts over the borders, collecting more and more of them through the years, a good bussines who kept going until the eighties. The base was an house built in a clearing in the forest and all those cars was placed around it, after had filled the field, cars was stored in the woods. The forest through the years took back its space, the cars was assimiled by the nature, creating an unique and suggestive scenary.

The place became a graveyard of old cars, Saab and Volkswagen, Fiat and Sunbeam, Buick, Trucks and lots of cars piled in the forest or alligned in colorful rusty rows beside the paths.

Anyone can visit the site, the two brothers who own the place seem like they didn't mind of people looking around or taking photos, there are some rules obviusly, don't steal parts or ruin the cars and don't spoil the others' visitors experence.

A friendly reminder from the owners

VW Beetle

Nature regained its possession covering the cars with musk and grass, growing around and inside the rusty cars.

A tree mad its way through a car

A video gallery found on Youtube:


I love these kind of places, I was truly excited when I found this on Google, there's somethingh fascinating for me about junkyards and abandoned places, they look creepy and colorfull at the same time, walk thorugh them is like an adventure, a sort of voyage in a post apochaliptic world. My first thought was to plan a holiday in Sweden, sadly is a bit too far from where I live, for the one who are near this place, I think it worth a visit!


For a tour of the mineral site: http://ekomuseum.se/besoksmalen/bastnas-gruvfalt/?lang=en

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