A​ Fun Transmission Quiz

38w ago

W​hat transmission this Veyron has?

  • 7​-speed automatic
  • 8​-speed manual
  • I​t doesn’t have a transmission

W​hich transmission is the Silvia?

  • 6​-speed manual
  • S​ome paddle shifters
  • 4​-speed automatic

W​hat transmission does the Miura have?

  • 5​-speed manual
  • 6​-speed automatic
  • i​ dont know

W​hat transmission is the Nissan Terra?

  • M​anual
  • A​utomatic
  • t​heres both in different trims

W​hat’s the transmission of the Huayra?

  • 7-speed sequential manual
  • s​ome paddles?
  • A​ ten-speed automatic

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