A geek's guide to Porsche's secret development centre: part 5

The technology inside the Development Centre Weissach is nothing short of mind-blowing. Here, we check out the drive unit testing building.

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The drive unit testing building

More and more vehicles in Weissach are now electric. In fact, half of the 18 test benches in the new drive unit testing building are for testing motors and transmissions of varying degrees of electrification.

One particularly remarkable highlight is the high-voltage complete-system test bench, which was developed in-house. The entire drive unit – motors for the front and rear axles, the associated power electronics and the transmission – can be tested here, together with the future high-voltage series battery. The battery is located in a climate-controlled safety capsule below the actual test bench and is put through the typical Porsche test cycles along the full performance spectrum.

Equally important is the charging behaviour, especially when it comes to taking up and releasing a lot of current very quickly. The new testing building is therefore equipped with the various charging technologies that are in use around the world.

The nine combustion engine test benches are also designed for sustainability: thanks to a flexible supply system, electricity-based CO₂-neutral fuels known as eFuels can be tested there.

Porsche doesn't operate dedicated motorsport test benches – for employees in the testing field, having one bench testing a future series drive system while an adjacent one is testing a racing drive unit is an everyday occurrence.

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