A good Day for charity

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In the summer of last year, i was asked by a good friend to photograph an event he was hosting to help raise money for some local cancer charities. Of course i couldn't decline such an offer so i grabbed my small camera (a canon 1100d with 50mm prime lens) and headed out to the event not knowing what id find.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and in the rear of this Escort...

When i arrived, the smell of Leaded Fuel and burning Mineral Oil was in the air, along with the unmistakable whiff of a whole hog roast! The sight of old Fords was amazing, the weather was perfect and the atmosphere was happy. i walked around and found some owners that were happy to explain what they have or haven't done to their cars or their plans for the future, i found it all rather interesting.

This Mint Condition Anglia had to be my favourite.

Whilst I sit here, watching X-Factor and waiting for the bath to fill, i cast my mind back to that day and think "What a bloody good day!"

There was everything at this meet, from the Ford Anglia above to the Nissan Skyline below, the range of vehicles was beyond what id ever imagined for a meet based around a Ford club. at the end of the day there was a charity raffle. lots of excellent prizes, such as a full Evans Waterless Coolant kit, a full Meguiars car cleaning kit and alot of expensive stuff. i cant remember the exact amount raised but it was alot more than was expected. all in all it was an amazing day and many good photos were taken.

All photos used in this article were taken by Inventive Images (Myself) and use is limited to personal only. Many thanks to RSFFE for the invite, ReviveCustoms for the venue usage and everyone else that helped and donated on the day.

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