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A great Porsche story: Omomuki's Carbon 930 Turbo

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The first generation 911 Turbo (often referred to by its Porsche internal type number 930) is an icon in the classic car world. It is the car that inspired a generation of car enthusiasts . Today, the 930 is highly collectible and revered in the car collector world.

Koichi Takuma's carbon 930 Porsche is very special. I have been following it for some time on Instagram.

This is no ordinary Porsche 911. The 930 has the iconic Lamborghini style doors that stand out from a far. This detail alone gives you the clear impression that it is not your average 911. Along with the doors virtually every panel has been replaced with carbon fibre. Other modifications include a custom titanium exhaust, all adding to the modified package.

Omomuki's Carbon 930 Porsche (image 911omomuki Instagram)

Take the time out to watch the video below from Tokyo Tuner as they dive into the mind of Koichi-San. I love Porsche stories. The following video lets you to discover why and how he decided to transform his Porsche 930.

Omomuki's Carbon 930 Porsche is very special.

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