A Honda NSX for under 270$?

2y ago


Once upon a time I was made aware of an article which promised you the magic wonder that everyone who had 2,700$ to spare could have Honda/Acura NSX for only 2.700$. It was all very interesting, and too good to be true. To make matters worse A Certain Person - not mentioning any names here, Liam - dared me to build one for under 270$. This is roughly 247€.

I had find a way, I could do it. I had to make this count! My answer would be wise, clever and mature - all the pillars that define this tribe and make it great!

Hence I ended up twiddling my thumbs. For days. Thinking. Hard. I tapped the table in agony, and started to growl at people who dared to open their mouths. Then while I was drawing silly stickfigures holding hands the first idea came to me!

One could draw the NSX. All you need is to buy paper, canvas and pencils. All the art supplies, while I am sure that there is a lot of expensive stuff out there, I think the average person can make do. Even if you chose to try your hands on a digital copy of the NSX you only need a drawing tab. Again, there are expensive ones but mine only costed ~75€. Actually, it was a Birthday gift so it was free. This means that the NSX I'd draw would be free too:

... yes

"What a brilliant and perfect idea!" I exclaimed.

The joy only lasted so long, because I had to remember that drawing is not exactly building. Even though you literally start things from scratch.

At this point I started to despair slightly, and hid in the comforting arms of YouTube. As you'd expect I started with a sensible video "How To Braid Your Hair" and somehow ended up watching a man built a model of an NSX.

"Hmm?" I thought eloquently. "Would this solve the riddle?"

It is an NSX. I'd have to build it. I'd even need material. There are parts in it that suggest I'd need to build and engine. It would look like a real car. The exception would be the size but I am quite small so that's okay.

This project would need some thought, no half-arsed execution. I'd need a list! And being Austrian (and, to be honest, being me), I made one with gusto!

After a moment I knew what I needed: sponsorship, material, spray paint, glue.

First, I had to get the money rolling in. So I composed very sensible text messages and was met with enthusiastic replies:

Endless support

Not very long afterwards I started to work. It was brutal, sticking pieces together, putting paint on and gluing fingers together. It was hard and fiddly work and I may have shed more than one tear of bravery. All the tears, sweat and glue was worth it. In the end I had a nice looking NSX:

Afterward, I checked if I had stayed under the given sum and drew up an electronic chart:

I was about to end it here. After all it is a brilliant solution and one in the spirit of the tribe. You build it, and it is under 270$. Excellent.

Then reason reared its ugly head ... what if, you really do want a cheap NSX? What if you want to be able to drive it as well? Don't you worry now, I have covered this as well.

First, find the nearest job center, and shape your CV in a way so nobody can resist it. God only knows how that works, but then you apply to the finest hotels and restaurants that offer valet parking. Now ... you wait. Patiently. Very patiently. There is no hurry, because while you park all the Jaguars and Bugattis you are going to be paid as well.

Inadvertently someone in a Honda NSX is going to come by. It is just a matter of time, and when your time comes, you'll say with the brightest and toothiest smile: "Of course, I will park your car, and yes, I know the coins are counted."

And you are going to park it ... in front of your home.

This one is real

ADDENDUM: Sponsor: www.sovotchka.eu/ (does pretty art stuff & is a good friend) | Inspiring article: drivetribe.com/p/FKOq_jexT0aLdaKY8R2taQ?iid=SEG8tWbrTOaknBgY62nIWg