A Hornet that stings

The Hornet 900 has been a bit of mistery on the market: we tried to find a key to re-interpret it.

1y ago

The Honda Hornet has neer been an easy-to-go base for custom project and i'm pretty convinced of that. Its frame, its structure, the position of the engine are not the ones that you'd want for a quick work.

The 900 model, with electronic fuel injection, is probably even harder to work on. Our target was to backdate it a little bit as it was part of the classic Four line-up.

But you can't simply take apart all its overalls and put an old fuel tank on it to accomplish that kind of task. Almost everything results an obstacle toward the target so you've to find other ways to bypass them.

First of all the stock rear end has been removed and replaced with a whole new structure handcrafted in steel tubes. Thus new subframe has a led tailights integrated in the round shape of the final part and is linked directly to the stock attachments.

The front hand comes directly form a newer edition of the Hornet 600 and has been chosen for the upside-down forks that look and perform bettere than the original components.

The fuel tank comes from a CB 750 Four model: it looks exactly like the old one but inside it has been completely re-worked to fit the Hornet frame and to accomodate the fuel pump. It was a really challenging step but it was mandatory to obtain the desired look.

To create a balance beetween old and new the headlight is a full led Koso unit, linked to the forks via aluminium brackets. The intruments have been replaced by a mini Motogadget digital element.

Under it you can see a polished aluminium fender with custom made steel tubes supports, The combo with the golden fork legs is really cool in my opinion.

The really tight spaces beetween the throttle bodies and the new side panels we built required something really small for the air intakes: so we realized some impressive handmade polished aluminium trumpets that enhance the sound and the look.

For the new sound we also have to tank Mass Exhaust that realized a new chrome double-cone muffler and a custom pipe to match the stock headers. These have been covered in black paint to create a more convincing retro-sporty fashion.

The saddle has been realized as usual by Greaser Garage member Christian and it shows exactly the same iconic squared texture as the vintage models.

To add more realistic retro-charm to the bike we designed and realized a 3d version of the logo, declined in the same style of those you can find on the CB 750 or 500 Four for example. That's also the name of this project, CB 900 Four.

One of the biggest challenges was to put all the electric system, the battery and the oil catcher in that tight spaces we extracted under the saddle inside new custom made aluminium side panels.

The new black radiators come from a CB 600 F and is linked to the engine by new hoses made partly of steel and partly in rubber. New small handmade covers hae been put in some "critical looking" areas while the rear fender and chain cover has been completely re-produced in polished aluminium.

The livery is by far the killer element of any vintage looking Honda so we decided to replicate the original color combo and to add some character to it: House of Kolors was the choice while the gold was realized with gold leaf.

We probably could made something even more retro-inspired for example using spoked wheels and a rear fender under the saddle but we had to consider the owner desires so i think we reached a very good compromise

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  • Congrats ... that is one BEAUTIFUL bike ... I want one!

      1 year ago
  • 😍 that is beautiful, I'm head over heels with that.

      1 year ago
  • Yes

      1 year ago
  • Amazing work!! How’s it go/ handle?

      10 months ago
  • Very cool 😎

      1 year ago