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A huge hole swallows a bus in Pittsburgh

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Some films leave us with images that are memorable to say the least. Sometimes we see humorous scenes and other times more impressive scenes. And when cars get involved, the result can only be better! In Fast and Furious, for example, we constantly see cars lifting their front wheels and doing what is called a wheelie.

The images that accompany this article have not failed to attract your attention and that makes sense! At first glance, it seems that the driver of this bus wanted to surprise the crowd by lifting the front axle in order to show the excess power of his vehicle. However, the reality is quite different!

The event took place last Monday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The driver expected anything but that! The bus was literally swallowed by a huge hole that appeared out of nowhere. Fortunately, at that time there was only one passenger on board! The car that followed, a Kia, also tipped forward, with no major consequences.

There were no serious injuries. However, it took several cranes to get the bus out of its hole. Traffic in the area has been very disrupted. According to local media reports, the incident occurred around 8 a.m. The hole would have formed after a rupture in the water line just below the bus that stopped at a red light.

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