A Hybrid Corvette is a step in the right direction

I​magine the Acura (or Honda) NSX, only bigger, louder, and faster.

4w ago

T​he age of the American muscle car is quickly passing us by. The Mustang name has been forced onto an electric SUV, the Camero is not long for this world, and Dodge only makes cars for guys with a mental age of 10 who have never heard the word fuel economy in their lives (that can be taken as a compliment).

Luckily, according to a report from Muscle Cars and Trucks, Chevrolet is planning on substituting the Z06 model of the C8 Corvette for an AWD Hybrid. Although this appears contrary to what a Corvette is, it is the only way to save one of the greatest stories in automotive history.

Soon, a new generation of golfers will be searching for their midlife crisis supercar, but this generation will differ from ones past. This generation will care about the environment, they will want to be able to drive in the snow, and the Corvette is evolving with them.

B​eyond a hybrid Corvette's appeal to 60 something year old golfers who vote democrat, the new hybrid approach could be beneficial to the American car enthusiast too. One of the revolutions of the Acrua NSX was it's hybrid powertrain for a third of the price of hypercard like the P1 or the 918. The Corvette continues with the American traditon of taking innovations and making them more accessible to the everyday person. The C1 Corvette gave people the ability to have a car with looks and performance comparable to the BMW 507 or the Mercedes 300SL, at a fraction of the price. The C8 Corvette gave people the ability to have a mid engined supercar nearly as fast as a Ferrari 488 for around the same price as a Porsche 718.

T​he new hybrid approach will also open people's eyes about the possibility of an environmentally friendly future for car enthusiasts everywhere. We have been lectured to about how selfish it is to buy a impractical fast car when we could buy a Model 3, but a hybrid Corvette would allow us to shut those party poopers down. I​f the hybrid Corvette can get a rather implausible 40 mpg, then those tree huggers in California's Governor Newsom would have no argument for transitioning exclusively to electric cars by 2035.

L​et me know what you think, what is the future of the Corvette and the supercar as a whole?

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  • Electric motors are not the answer to making a good car, even if it is a hybrid it just spoils it, and AWD is only cool on Rally cars

      1 month ago
    • There are a ton of amazing hybrid supercars. If done correctly, it can reduce the deficiencies of a gas powered car while keeping the feel of one. Also I wouldn't be surprised if it had the rear wheel drive option like the M5, which just makes...

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        1 month ago
    • Hybrid can mean a couple things.

      1. A Prius


      Read more
        1 month ago