A hydrogen-powered Ineos Grenadier is coming soon

Don’t worry, the diesel- and petrol-powered models will still be available

I feel like we’ve been waiting for the arrival of the Ineos Grenadier for years. And that’s because we have. It was first teased to the public around five years ago, and it was originally designed to be an alternative to the Defender. People love it because, I suspect, it looks and feels raw and pure. And powered by internal combustion engines.

It’s built by Ineos, one of the largest chemical producers in the world, and believe it or not it’s named after the chairman’s favourite pub in London: ‘The Grenadier’ in Belgravia. Honestly? I get that. I’d probably do the same thing. I’d have called it the Ineos Porcupine or the Ineos Mostodolce.

The Grenadier will be available (hopefully in July 2022) with two BMW-sourced 3.0-litre I6 engines but Ineos is also working with Hyundai to develop an FCEV (hydrogen fuel cell) version. This is not exactly news, because Ineos and Hyundai signed a contract to develop a hydrogen powertrain for the Grenadier a couple of years ago, but they’re very close to a production version, which is reportedly being launched in late 2022.

Hydrogen is certainly something that both brands have in common. Ineos owns a subsidiary called Inovyn, which specialises in electrolysis to produce hydrogen for things like power generation and transportation. As for Hyundai, the Korean automaker is famously bullish on hydrogen [to be used as fuel] and they recently said, and I’m quoting, ”we want to use [hydrogen] for everything.”

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Comments (2)

  • I don't have a choice, really: petrol. They won't sell the diesel in the States since they don't want to deal with the unique complications it has here, and at the moment hydrogen fuel is basically non-existent.

      1 month ago
  • fuel cell, please. looks nice, just like the old defenders. yesssss!

      1 month ago