A Hyundai dealer took a trade in on a like-new Lamborghini Huracan

1w ago


Sometimes you see things like this pop up on dealership websites. Most of the time you'll see some sports cars like a Porsche or a Jaguar F-type pop up at a local Kia or Honda dealer. But you rarely, if ever, see things like a Lamborghini Huracan at a... Hyundai dealer.

And yet, that's exactly what we have here. As you can see from the hero image, or you can click right here for the exact listing, a Hyundai dealer in Wentzville, Missouri has for sale a Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2. For those not in the know, the -2 is a RWD designation, slightly rarer than the AWD -4 designation.

The listing reads like any other US dealer grasping for attention with many symbols and capital letters attempting to sway the would be consumer (hint: that doesn't work). But it's still hilarious to see:

Recent Arrival! Bianco Icarus Metallic 2019 Lamborghini Huracan **BLUETOOTH HANDS FREE MOBILE**, **TURN BY TURN NAVIGATION**, **HEATED SEAT PACKAGE**, **PUSH BUTTON START**, **REMAINDER OF FACTORY WARRANTY**, ***AD PERSONAM INTERIOR***, ***TECHNO PACK***, ***STYLE PACKAGE***, ***BRANDING PACKAGE***, ***GGT***, ***CONTRAST STITCHING***, ***BRAKE CALIPERS RED***, ***METALLIC COLOR - BIANCO***, ***TRAVEL***. **Helping our neighbors with their automotive needs for over 20 years**

It reads just like an ad for an Accent or Sonata. My favorite parts are the turn by turn navigation and brake calipers RED. It screams for attention in the worst way imaginable.

But what I want to know is who in the hell trades in a Lambo to buy a Hyundai? Hyundai is, overall, and excellent car maker and in my opinion has come the farthest of ANY automaker in the last 20 years. But I'm baffled here. I have absolutely nothing. Was it on the new Hyundai Palisade? I seriously hope the buyer traded it in for an Accent. There's nearly no bigger extreme than that.

If you want a good discount on a Huracan with only 531 miles on it, look no further. The car itself is in beautiful shape (obviously for the mileage) and at $226k, owning a dream, new Lambo Huracan could be a reality.