A Jaguar has set the weirdest automotive world record ever

1y ago


Here's a question you've never asked yourself - how quickly can a car drag a downhill olympic skier? Before Jaguar took to the Arctic Circle to accomplish their own world record, the standard was set as 112.65kph (70mph) for speed tow skiing - a sport that no one has asked for but one that we're more than happy to watch.

Using a Jaguar XF Sportbrake as the weapon of choice, the all-wheel drive, 350PS estate seemed like the perfect vehicle for a bit of high speed snow driving. And with former British Olympic skier Graham Bell holding on for dear life in the car's wake, the Jag set off to shoehorn itself into the Guinness World Records.

The record seemed to be a bit of a breeze in the end, with the XF taking Bell up to an average speed of 189kph (117mph). It renders Jeremy's efforts in the Jaguar X-Type AWD from Top Gear back in the day a bit redundant and will probably be a record that will stand for some time. Unless someone decides to put snow tyres on something properly quick and potentially life threatening.

On that note, what car would you like to see as the tow for such a stunt? Tell us your thoughts in the DriveTribe live chat here:

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Comments (14)
  • as the skier, 70mph, in the dark, behind a pickup truck, 30 years ago. good times :)

    1 year ago
  • A Chiron will slay every car mentioned. And the poor skier strapped to the back.

    1 year ago


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