A Jaguar XK120 with a very special story to Tell

Found in at the Imperial hotel, New delhi, India by the worlds youngest car presenter, Rowena's Supercars! On 'SupeRcar Kids Rule', Tribe!

The XK120 is the Bugatti Cheron of it's day, back in the 50's it was the fastest production car in the World! This particular car is owned by the owner of the Imperial Hotel in New Delhi, India. He bought it from NEW!! Plus he still uses it for special day trips and shows. To find out more about this gem of a car just watch Rowena's Supercars, the Worlds Youngest Car Presenter... by the way she was 8 years old at the time... so be nice!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=noSDkD3O-HE&list=PLElsvFIyljm8QMek34kBml_jc2GRHZkjq

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