- Photo credits supercar.fails Instagram account

A Lamborghini Urus ends up on its roof on fire in Malaysia


5d ago

The following scene will have some people jumping for joy while others screaming in horror. Posted on the Instagram account supercar.fails, a video shows a Lamborghini Urus crashed on its roof and bursting into flames. The event took place in Malaysia and fortunately there were no serious injuries.

The post is very brief and does not mention anything about the circumstances of the accident. From the images, we could assume that the driver of the Italian SUV lost control of his vehicle after hydroplaning on this long, particularly wet straight line.

The car hit the railings and rolled over onto the roof. The first impact probably broke the fuel tank. A small amount of liquid would then have spilled onto the road before the fuel safety valve blocked the flow of additional fuel.

The fire would have started after the fuel came into contact with sensitive parts such as the exhaust line or catalysts, causing an undesirable chemical reaction.

Photo credits supercar.fails Instagram account

Photo credits supercar.fails Instagram account

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Comments (8)

  • Well, that hasn’t gone well

      5 days ago
  • A Lamborghini? Catching fire? I've NEVER heard such a thing before!

      5 days ago
  • They kinda deserve rhat

      5 days ago
  • Welp idrc

      5 days ago
  • Another stupid driver who think he knows how to drive a 600 horsepower SUV without practice at first.

      5 days ago
    • Or maybe another stupid company that thinks overpriced, high centre of gravity, "fashionable" SUV's put in hands of people who have more money than sense and no training is a good idea?

        5 days ago
    • Hey, the Urus is basically a RSQ8 underneath. And that thing sets a lad record for the fastest SUV ever around the Nurburgring. And for that, I have to say this is not that stupid.

        4 days ago